Super Salmon



Los Fiordos was born in 1989. For 25 years we have been dedicated to giving our best towards delivering quality products while respecting our environment and focusing on our people. We began operations farming Coho Salmon and Trout. In 1999 we introduced farming of Atlantic salmon and today we focus on the development, spawning, fattening, processing and marketing of these three species. We also have a food plant, which allows us to conduct a completely integrated process and ensure the quality and sustainability of our products.

Since the beginning, our company has been guided by values that have allowed us to grow without losing the sense of what we do. We put soul and passion into our work every day. We know that people are the backbone of Los Fiordos and that by helping the environment we are also taking care of the future. Therefore, we produce healthy salmon, which contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees and customers.


In Los Fiordos Ltd. we are devoted to the design, production, exploitation, processing and marketing of salmon species. We are committed to complying with current and applicable regulations and control our processes in order to develop and obtain high-quality, safe and assured products for the consumer, the salmon being a superior food source. We aim to satisfy our customers by preventing pollution and committing to the health and safety of our employees, therefore, we focus on continuous improvement and ethics as part of our management. This mission involves all our employees and every link in the production chain of our company.


Nurturing in a healthy and sustainable way, protecting our environment and contributing to the integral development of our people guided by a clear ethical sense.


In Súper Salmón, our values are our essence.

  •   We put soul and passion into our work.

  •   We believe in the importance of family.

  •   We act with kindness, simplicity and humility.

  •   We are free to create.

  •   Our word has the value of a contract.

  •   We respect our environment.

  •   We have ability and willingness to take on challenges.

  •   We strive for excellence.

  •   We are flexible and adapt to changes.

  •   We have a clear sense of ethics.

  •   We create value through the details.

  •   We maintain a spirit of comradeship.